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Westlake Christian Church is a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation affirming the biblical truth of man's sinful nature before God and God's free offer of salvation through Jesus Christ, his son.

We aspire to provide loving service to people in need while accepting them non-judgmentally, just as they are and just as Jesus does today.   Our core identity is framed around those beliefs that unite almost all Christians, but not the details that sometimes divide us.  We say that “We are Christians only, but we are not the only Christians.”

Because of this, we celebrate an open Communion every Sunday.  Those who believe in Christ are welcome to celebrate regardless of their particular Christian tradition. 

Westlake Christian Church upholds personal freedom of conscience, and our larger national church also insists on a significant denominational voice for minority Christians, including African-Americans, Latinas and Latinos and Asian and Pacific Disciples.

To learn more about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) visit our national organization's website here.