Mission Statement

To change lives and bring people peace in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

We work very hard at being a place of welcome, peace, love and joy to everyone: period. No lists. No one is "in" or "out." God's gift of Grace is open to all of God's Children, so we are, too! Come as you are and be yourself!

Our Mission

Westlake Christian Church is a Christ-centered, distinct presence within the larger Body of Christ; a family-friendly, “country church in the suburbs”, fostering individual empowerment and gathering weekly at the Lord’s Table for Communion.

It is the intention of Westlake Christian Church to minister to the communities within our reach through:

  • Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through word, action, and witness

  • Guiding individuals to develop and nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Christian Education, Worship, Stewardship, Fellowship and Prayer

  • Providing assistance to those in need of Christian love and compassion beyond our walls through hands-on and material support